Every week tastemaker™ analyses your taste and custom tailors the recommendations to you. No two playlists are the same.

Updated daily

The tastemaker™ playlists are updated daily to best fit your listening habits and taste.


Android & iOS

As tastemaker™ works directly in your Spotify it is available for Android & iOS as well as any other platform where you listen to your music


You get the whole tastemaker™ experience without paying a dime.



At first tastemaker™ analyses your taste by gathering your top songs from Spotify, as we have limited processing power this process may take up to 24 hours to gather your full taste.



After your taste was analysed you get custom tailerod tracks everyday into your tastemaker™ playlists.
To not overwhelm you the amount of new songs per day in the Tastebreaker™ and Newcomers™ playlists is limited to 6. HiddenTracks™ and ProducerPower™ are completely replaced every day.



You now can tell your peers about this cool new indie artist you discovered with the help of tastemaker™ and help them to find new music too.

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Discover new music

I love discovering new music, expecially hidden gems. All current and future features of tastemaker™ tailored towards the goal of making music discovery more diverse

Enjoy music with your friends

Music is even more fun when you share it with your loved ones. To make this exchange easier I am currently working on a feature called GroupMix™ which combines the top tracks of everyone in the group to one awesome playlists.

Share music

Did you know that your public Spotify profile might not contain all your playlists? To fix that I am working on a new way to share your Spotify profile with the world and gain new fans.

Personalized for you

One playlists for free and only 0.99€/month for unlimited playlists


This playlist is simple but genius.
You can connect with your friends, family, colleagues, ... in a playlist
GroupFun™ automatically takes your favorite tracks and adds them to the playlists.

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Analyses your taste and recommends you unknown musicians with often less than a few hundret fans. Be the first to discover them.

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Checks out the producers of your favorite songs and recommends you other songs they worked on. Find out who works behind the scenes on your favorite tracks.

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Checks your taste and recommends you songs from genres you normally don't listen to. Enjoy the beauty of breaking out of your usual bubble.

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Analyses the tracks by your favorite artists and shows you songs that have a low listen count. Find the hidden track, on the hidden b-side of your favorite musicians.

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Yeah, some of the tracks on Newcomers™ are trash but overall I love it.

I learned about tastemaker™ via a Reddit post and directly subscribed to all 3 playlists. My favorite one is ProducerPower™.

Thank you Simon for building this service, it is because of people like you that I still stick with Spotify.

Most of my friends consider me a music nerd and now I have even more niche music to show them....not sure if they are happy that I discovered tastemaker™ :D

It's fun to skim trough the daily recommendations. About every third day there is a track I then listen all day long.

tastemaker™ is dope. Get it.

Of all playlists I love the ProducerPower™ the most. Weird that I never cared about producers before.

I am amazed how good the algorithms work. Tastebreaker™ shows me songs that are not my usual listening habbits, but still somewhat enjoyable.

Appart from the playlists it is nice that Simon is so responsible. I once reported a bug and it was fixed 2 hours later. Amazing.

Great software. Can recommend.

Checkout the public playlists

The ProducerPower™ and HiddenTracks™ playlists are public for you to follow. Check them out on the profile and see what other tastemaker™ users are listening to.

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If you have any other question not answered below, do not hesitate to contact me [email protected], I will answer in less than 24 hours.

Why do I get exactly 6 new songs per day?

In the begining the newcomer playlist was complettely replaced every day and most users gave me the feedback that this was overwhelming as nobody has time to listen to 25 new songs every day.
With the 6 new songs you can find awesome new songs by listening less than 20 minutes per day.

Why does tastemaker™ require so many different scopes to access my Spotify?

As tastemaker™ analyses your taste to recommend you the very best songs it requires to be able to read your music library. Spotify separated that into quite some different scopes as of why we have to ask for all of them to give you the best experience. Your data is never sold to any third party and we keep it as secure as possible.

How do I find out about new tastemaker™ playlists?

We will send you an email when a new kind of playlists is available on No worries, these emails will be rare!

How can I leave a playlist?

You can easily unsubscribe from a playlist by visiting one of the following urls:

When you have no playlist left in your account tastemaker will delete all your account data.

3 people joined the Newcomers™ playlist in the last hour 16 people joined the Tastebreaker™ playlist today 22 people joined the ProducerPower™ playlist today 9 people joined the HiddenTracks™ playlist in the last hour